Emmanuel Church is excited about a new ministry position for Director of Youth Ministries! We are a congregation that is revitalized, Holy Spirit guided, holding firm to the truth of scripture and are growing and passionate about people knowing Jesus. We are in a rural community in western, Illinois surrounded by rolling hills close to the Mississippi River. There is an incredible need and ministry opportunity within our community for youth and thus our desire for this much needed position. Applications will be taken until the position is filled. For more information click the button below.

Walking Ministry

The Emmanuel Walking Ministry has grown into a weekday opportunity for fellowship and exercise for senior adults from the church and community. Generally opened by 4:30 a.m., walkers can walk 20 laps around our gymnasium to equal one mile. Volunteer hosts have coffee made and light breakfast refreshments offered like granola bars, multi-grain breakfast bars, hot teas and other treats for those who participate to enjoy around round tables visiting with friends. This vital ministry provides a respite year around against loneliness, as well, and is appreciated by 30-40 people each day. The walking ministry closes at 9:30 each morning. Walking ministry operates each weekday with Christmas morning being the only day it is closed, weather permitting. For more information, please contact Rich Criss, ministry coordinator.
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