March 2021 Consistory Minutes

Consistory Meeting Minutes – March 9, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.

Pastor Luke requests April 5th through April 10th as a study week, and April 11th through April 17th as a vacation week.
M/S/C to approve request.

Discussion held on Election of Elders and deacons by casting lots.
M/S/C to amend bylaws to include casting of lots for election of elders and deacons with executive team to construct by laws.

Report given by transition team with recommendations for moving into a more normal schedule.  Changes include: attendance, Sunday school, coffee hour, choir, nursery, greeters, and hymnals.
M/S/C to accept recommendations of transition team to move forward to implement changes.

Discussion held on possible Fifth Quarter parties with possible live stream of game projected on screen. Masks will be required, and temps will be taken. Areas to be used will be outside and gym area only.
M/S/C to accept recommendation of transition team to move forward with changes for 5th Quarter parties.  If inclement weather prevails, 5th Quarter party will be cancelled.

Discussion for 75th Anniversary committee. Loren Tenboer and Pastor Luke to form a team.

Dave Wiersema, Clerk  

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