June 2021 Consistory Minutes

Consistory Meeting Minutes – June 8, 2021 at 7:11 p.m.

Opening prayer by Pastor Luke.

Denominational Evaluation team report was given.  Team members are: Lloyd DeShane, Denny Boeck, Becky Koster, Suzi Mills, Scott Findley, Cal Vandermyde, Lori Adolph, Sue Costello.

College mission trip will be 7/24 -7/31 in New York. 

M/S/C to allow college group to hold breakfast following Congregational meeting July 11, with donations to be used to finance mission trip.

Combined worship service with Ebenezer to be held 8/29, more information to follow.

M/S/C to hold Congregational meeting on July 11,2021 following service.
    A. Change of By-laws for election of elders and deacons.
    B. Distribute information on Reformed Church Evaluation position in regards to Emmanuel’s position in the denomination.

M/S /C to approve treasurer’s report as given.

Kathy Siperly was received by transfer from First Christian Church of Rock Falls.

M/S/C to approve minutes as read.

M/S/C to adjourn following prayer by Dave Wiersema.

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