July 2020 Consistory Minutes

Dan Deter opened with prayer.  Motion made to approve minutes S/C.  Financial report – we are doing well.  Motion made to approve financial report S/C.  Discussed how minutes are delivered to consistory members. 

Laurie Adolph presented Emmanuel Reformed Church’s new website.  It has been designed to reach multiple audiences – community resource and member resource.  One of the pages contained a spot to upload a general overview of consistory meetings and a spot for the budget to be uploaded, as well.  Motion made to have a summary of consistory minutes and budget uploaded to the website after reviewed and approved by the VP and/or Pastor S/C.  Motion made to move forward with the website pending changes suggested. S/C.  Special thanks to Laurie Adolph and Jerry Lindsey for their work on the website.

VP report:  Mediacom – hooked up Monday – thanks to everyone who had a part. 

Dates:  July 15 – 3pm Windsor Manor support group would like to meet at Emmanuel.  July 18 – graduation party for Kris & Sarah Schmidt family – open house.  July 19th – graduation party for Ritch & Heather Lindstrom family – open house.  Brondyke reunion – Aug 8 – gym.  Motion made to allow groups to meet with a 50 person limit – groups will provide their own masks.  S/C. 

Property:  Insurance is pressing for some safety issues to be repaired at the church.  Those include filling the cracks in the parking lot, fixing the sidewalk in the front of the church and installing a handrail in the center of the stairs entering the sanctuary.  Motion made to fix parking lot, sidewalk & hand rails.  Discussed purchasing a disinfecting spraying unit.  Motion made to purchase a portable disinfecting spraying units from Tony Szabo. S/C  Motion made to amend previous motion to purchase 2 units S/C.

Parsonage:  cleaned up weeds and planted grass before any pastoral candidates come to visit parsonage.

Mediacom installed – faster and cleaner picture to replace Frontier.  Cheaper option than Frontier. 

Search team – 2 candidates – pleased with both.  The search team have had zoom meetings with wives. 

Youth – JAM and YF are meeting outside

Worship – discussed the re-opening service, specifically ushering.

Missions – Pastor Al asked for any input from the Saturday night meeting with Scott Long.  YF could go to Wooster (20-25 total) with a partnership to follow up.  Spoke of school in Haiti & rooms needing to be finished – would like to show progress of rooms.  He had some ideas that can be used for YF.

Motion to adjourn – 9:40pm S/C.  Doug Leech closed in prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

Kim Vandermyde, Clerk

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