Job Opportunities

Director of Youth Ministries

A Fulltime, Ordained or Non-ordained Position

The Youth Director will oversee, grow, and coordinate middle school through young adult ministry programs already established, and develop new programs as needed, at Emmanuel Church, Morrison, IL. The Youth Director will design, research, and present curriculum for the age groups mentioned, that teaches and instructs the infallible Word of God according to the scripture which will encourage spiritual growth and discipleship. The Youth Director will be expected to not only engage the youth already attending Emmanuel Church but also engage with the community, in hopes to draw outside youth as well as their families into the saving faith found only in Jesus Christ our Lord. The Youth Director will accomplish this by not only completing ministry tasks within campus at Emmanuel but also by regularly attending student events and extracurriculars in their various forms.

I. Responsibilities

A. Youth Ministry

  1. Develop, with the adult leaders and Leadership Team, a yearly calendar of activities and programs creating opportunities for spiritual growth in the Christian faith
  2. Relate and build relationships with the youth
  3. Assist in finding adult leaders for the Senior and Junior High youth groups
  4. Organize fund-raising activities as needed
  5. Communicate information in a timely manner and as effective as possible using all resources.
  6. Attend students’ school activities and making contacts when possible.
  7. Plan at least 1 annual retreat for both High School and Jr. High Group
  8. 1 mission/conference trip every year for the High School group.
  9. 1 mission’s opportunity every 3 years for the Jr. High group.
  10. Report Youth Ministry activities and financial statement monthly to the consistory.
  11. Involvement in Sunday School and Vacation Bible School.
  12. Working with Children’s Ministries in various activities.

B. Other

  1. Encourage and utilize youth to get involved in worship services
  2. Participate in worship in consultation with Senior Pastor
  3. 40 hours plus per week: 10-15 set office hours per week and 25-30 hours with meetings, activities and building relationships.
  4. High School: year-round weekly meetings
  5. Junior High: September-April (weekly meetings) May-August (twice a month)

II. Requirements

A. Education

  1. Applicant should possess a degree in Christian Education, Youth Ministry and/or related education or experience that would qualify a person to be a Director of Youth. Ordained or non-Ordained

B. General Attributes

  1. He/she shall be a Christian recognizing Jesus Christ as his/her personal Lord and Savior, with the ability to communicate that faith to others
  2. He/she will have a demonstrable devotional life
  3. He/she shall subscribe to and become familiar with the teachings of the Alliance of Reformed Churches
  4. He/she will have a conservative Reformed theological background.
  5. He/she shall have a working knowledge of the needs of children through young adults
  6. He/she shall be a personable and outgoing individual
  7. He/she shall be creative, flexible, and innovative in program and ministry
  8. He/she shall have proficient financial, administrative and organizational skills

C. Supervision

  1. He/she shall be supervised by the Senior Pastor and accountable to the consistory
  2. He/she will meet weekly with the Senior Pastor for goal setting, evaluation, prayer, problem solving, and sharing
  3. Job performance will be reviewed by the Personnel Team on a quarterly basis during the first year and annually thereafter
  4. The job description may be adjusted by the consistory according to the church’s needs and programs, or the interests and abilities of the DYM
  5. If either party wishes to terminate this appointment, a written notice of 30 (thirty) days must be given. Conduct unbecoming of a Youth Director could result in an immediate termination.
  6. Salary will be based on education and experience qualifications.

D. Salary Package

  1. Minimum Base: $41,600-$46,600
  2. Vacation: 2 Weeks
  3. Health Insurance
  4. Disability and Life Insurance
  5. Annuity: 5% of base salary
  6. Cell Phone. ($100/month)
  7. Housing ($500/month)
  8. Mileage reimbursement (Max $2000)
  9. Continuing Education (1 week) ($1000)

To apply send your resume to or you can mail it to:

Emmanuel Church
Attn. Youth Position
202 East Morris Street
Morrison, IL 61270

We are looking to fill this position by August 15, 2023