February 2021 Consistory Minutes

Consistory Meeting Minutes – February 9, 2021 at 7:05 p.m.

Personnel: Paula Jansma hired to clean Christ Center.

Vice-presidents report: Legacy fund set up for E4 mission for Scott Long Memorial. Discussion held on amount that would be sent.
M/S/C to have special offering to give to Legacy Fund in memory of Scott Long.

The budget was discussed and there were no calls for questions on the budget.

M/S/C to approve 2021 budget as presented

Discussion on second service results.
M/S/C to flip flop services to masks required, to 8:30 service, and mask recommended to 10 a.m. service on February 21st, and re-evaluate at next consistory meeting.

Church use authorization question was discussed.
M/S/C to authorize executive committee for church building use approval.

Discussion held on using a place to hold prayer after service. The library in back of sanctuary to be used as prayer room. A schedule to be made for elders and deacons to be in the library.

Ministry teams were appointed.
Pulpit Supply: Jason McDearmon and Kevin Buis
Congregational care: Pastor Luke and Loren Tenboer
Prayer team: Anna Ryder and Scott Findley
Communion: Doug Leech, Lloyd DeShane, Jeff Eissens
Audio-visual: Scott Findley, Suzi Mills
Youth education: Jason McDearmon, Kris Schmidt
Building and grounds: Ken Stralow,  Scott Findley, Loren Tenboer
Mission committee: Robin Henard, Marty and Becky Koster, Tom and Amy Venhuizen, Russ and Holly Wallander
Personnel: Doug Leech, Ryan Venema, Denny Boeck, Lloyd DeShane
Safety: Ryan Venema, Doug Leech, Sarah Schmidt, Kris  Schmidt, Suzi Mills
Discipleship: Anna Ryder and Scott Findley
Executive committee: Pastor Luke, Denny Boeck, Dave Wiersema, Jerry Lindsey, Scott Findley

Transition team to help move Church forward, back to normal operations: Jason McDearmon, Anna Ryder, Pastor Luke and team to be determined.

Treasurer’s report given by Jerry Lindsey
M/S/C to accept financial statement as presented.

Discussion held to set up committee for 75th Anniversary. Committee to be set up next month.

Minutes read for approval.

M/S/C approve minutes as read.

M/S/C to adjourn following prayer by Kris Schmidt.

Dave Wiersema, Clerk 

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