December 2020 Consistory Minutes

Emmanuel Reformed Church Consistory Minutes                 12/08/2020

Pastor Luke open with prayer and devotions based around 1 Timothy 4:12

                        “Setting the Example”

MSA to accept the minutes of the 11/10/20 minutes

MSA to accept the Financial Report given by Jerry Lindsey

Reviewed Our Cancelation Policy

Executive Team and Personnel Team reporting meeting with all church staff

January 3, 2021 will be the Installation and Ordination service for our new incoming Elders and Deacons

Election of officers for the 2021 consistory took place. Those elected are as follows:

Vice President: Dennis Boeck

Clerk: Dave Wiersema

Chairman of Deacons: Scott Findley

Consistory meetings will continue to meet the second Tuesday of each month. Elders and Deacons will meet separately at 6:30, full consistory at 7:00.

Ministry Team reports were given.

Missions: $2400 has been raised through the Quilt Raffle.

Property: The center rail going into the sanctuary will be worked on

Christian Ed: The Sunday School Christmas program will be virtually played on December 20th                                  during the church service.

Safety/Sanitation: We are in need of a volunteer to help sanitize after our worship service.

MSA was made to give a gift of $3700 to Camp Manitoqua.  $1000 from the Wednesday night Meal program and $2700 that was budgeted for Camp registrations.

MSA to approve the funeral guidelines as presented by the Media Team.

MSA to approve the Car Show team to begin planning for the 2021 show to be held on August 28, 2021

MSA to allow the Executive Team to make decisions related to Covid if a decision needs to be made quickly and in between a full consistory meeting.

Communion will be held on January 10, 2021

The end of the year Consistorial Report was worked on by the Consistory.

MSA to hold two identical Christmas Eve Candlelight Services.  The first will be at 4:30 and will be have a mandatory mask mandate as well as extra precautions for social distancing.  The 6:30 service will be as per our morning worship service with masks suggested but not required.  Reservations will be made as we do with Sunday morning services.

MSA to approve the minutes as read

MSA to adjourn following prayer by Dennis Boeck

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