August 2020 Consistory Minutes

Sunday, August 16 2020

Scott Findley opened with prayer.  Motion made to approve minutes S/C.  Financial report – we are doing well.  Motion made to approve financial report S/C.   

VP report:  Sanitation committee consists of Doug Leech as chair with Denny Boeck, Dan Deter, Ken Stralow and Mark Pruis on the committee.  The Wednesday night meal committee is willing to do a pick up meal only.  Motion was made to have the Wednesday night group meet and put together logistics and move forward with the health department approval.  Motion seconded and carried.  Denny asked if the Windsor support group could meet at Emmanuel for their monthly meeting.  Motion made to allow Windsor support group to meet at Emmanuel once a month.  Motion seconded and carried.

Mission:  Mission team is recommending the Mission share ($6,700), YF mission ($4,800) and Adult mission ($2,000) be allocated to Mission E4 Campaign for Fauche.  Motion to approve Mission team recommendation of funds to Mission E4 Campaign for Fauche.  Motion seconded and carried.

Property:  Quotes are still coming in for the sidewalk fix.  The fence at the parsonage suffered damage during the storm.  Motion made the property committee contact insurance company and proceed with their recommendation.  Motion seconded and carried.

Youth – discussed the possibility of Sunday school and what that would look like in our current circumstances.  Jason will be reaching out to Lydia.

Worship – discussed the re-opening service, specifically ushering.

Sound & Video:  Motion made to purchase new sound board from BOSS Communications for $3,830.63.  Motion seconded and carried.

Other Business:  Men’s Ministry, once the NFL season starts, will be putting together a Fantasy League for anyone interested.  Good way to stay communicated, but not in person.

Motion to adjourn – 3:00 pm S/C.  Jason McDearmon closed in prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

Kim Vandermyde, Clerk

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