April 2021 Consistory Minutes

Consistory Meeting Minutes – April 20, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.

Camp Manitoqua will be having some overnight camping this year.

Emmanuel will be in charge of Preschool and Kindergarten and Jr. High for VBS this year.

Report  from  Rich Criss :  4191 meals served, $3000.00 excess in donations was realized from Wednesday night meals,  request using excess to be used for kitchen equipment.

M/S/C to resume YEAH group trips with waivers to be signed.

75th Anniversary committee is forming.  Loren Tenboer, Jerry Lindsey, Todd Schlegel, and Doug Leech, for now, with more to be added.

An opportunity of support was presented to help Mackenzie Ryder in an overseas mission trip for 16 months to Nepal. A recommendation from the Executive Committee is to contribute  $4000.00 towards her room and board, and approval to solicit support from the congregation.

M/S/C to support Mackenzie Ryder in the  amount of  $4000.00, and to allow her to solicit  more support from the congregation, for other expenses.

A request for sponsoring a college age mission trip through Samaritan’s Purse is being evaluated with more specifics to follow.
M/S/C to approve college mission trip.

Possibility of combined service with Ebenezer some time during summer was discussed.
M/S/C to explore combined service.


Dave Wiersema, Clerk

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